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Joseph Gioscia, better known as Joe Josh, is a Hip-Hop music producer hailing from Brooklyn, NY. Classically trained on the piano, he has been performing since the age of 6. After college, he teamed up with DJ VTone, learned the ins-and-outs of making house music, and many of the tracks spawned from these sessions were played in major night clubs all over New York City. In 2009, Joe Josh started creating Hip-Hop beats and engineering for Brooklyn rapper Jay Walker. Their first song together made headlines across the internet, gaining the position of YouTubeโ€™s โ€œMost Viewed Video of the Day,โ€ with over one million hits in the first week.

From that point on, Joe Josh started making connections with artists and producers from all over, with the intentions to make himself a staple in Hip-Hop music. He has since worked with a number of Brooklynites; NEMs, Danse Diamons, Phresh Phleaux, Climax, Maino, and D.Chamberz. Many of the songs created with these artists gained national attention with posts and spins from Hot 97, NahRight, The Source, and more.

More recently, Joe Josh signed with soundbyte Management. Since his signing, he has placed a few tracks with D.Chamberz, one with Coke Boy Chinx Drugz, that world premiered on DJ Kay Slayโ€™s โ€˜Straight Stuntin Radio Showโ€™ on Shade45 (SiriusXM), and is quickly gaining major attention. Soon after, Joe Josh landed a licensing deal with The Cueniverse, an outlet to major TV network shows, movies and commercials. Look out for this maven of beats, he will be featured on a number of upcoming projects that are sure to make a big splash.