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Par-City is a Bronx, NY based Hip-Hop group consisting of longtime friends GiF The Great, Willy Dope and YOung W.I.T. Establishing themselves in 2009, the group has since built their buzz through several mixtape series (The Hold Up, Back to the Basement, and Civilized Sessions) as well as online – through social media and major media outlets. They have also gained notoriety through multiple tours and participating in various showcases. Many have said that the unique styles of GiF The Great, Willy Dope and Young W.I.T offer the perfect balance for creating catchy yet thought provoking music – true to the essence of Hip Hop.

As high school friends, Par-City started out making music for their own enjoyment, using any piece of do-it-yourself home studio equipment they could get their hands on. As their sound evolved, they built a buzz locally. As things progressed through their college years, Par-City was able to develop their style and establish themselves as a group to watch. Their lyricism and song making ability began to catch the attention of various tastemakers such as The Source, XXL, All Hip Hop,ย Hot 97, 2DopeBoyz, and YouHeardThatNew, which would further bolsterย their reputation. โ€œPar-City are the cool kids in the lunch room who had theirย OWN table. They werenโ€™t the mostย popular, but they werenโ€™t the least. Theyย held court right in the middle and secretly everyone loved them for it.โ€

– Rae Holiday, celebrity stylist and blogger at

Par-City saw their first commercial success with the release of their hardย hitting debut single and video โ€œMotivation,โ€ which spent six weeks at #1 onย the college radio charts. That initial success spawned their first EP, Fueledย by Revenge (available on iTunes and other digital distributors), and since,ย their mixtapes have amassed a total of over 100,000 downloads. Par-Cityย continues to book shows all across the country and have opened for popular acts such as Slaughterhouse, Ty Dolla $ign, Big Sean, and French Montana. They have also opened for legendary acts like Slick Rick and Ice T. The group has performed as part of numerous charity events benefiting ovarian cancer, the NAACP, breast cancer and a PSA with Boris Kodjoe, entitled Fear Kills, Love Heals. Par- City was also chosen to participate as a brand ambassador for Undrcrwn’s Spring 2010 collection.

While they continue to make music together as a group, the three partners in rhyme have also taken steps towards being viable solo acts — with GiF The Great releasing his debut solo project Small Fortune, YOung W.I.T. with Bare W.I.T. Me, and Willy Dope following up with his solo debut, Dope Game.