LLDLLDFirst day of school my lil twin 🥺 https://t.co/NioUtjHWFJ9 months ago
LLDLLDIf her second toe longer than her big toe she’s not to be trusted9 months ago
LLDLLDShe almost met God https://t.co/qRmRzS7WYd9 months ago
LLDLLDI’m in LA9 months ago
LLDLLDRT @WeirdiestGirl: ITS BACK😭🥰, time to be in my feelings🥺😫😫😫💕 Thank you so much😭 @LiveLikeDavis https://t.co/jSVU2W6BEU9 months ago
LLDLLD@WeirdiestGirl Fine it’s back 😂9 months ago
LLDLLD@WeirdiestGirl Lmfaoooooo chill why u remember that song9 months ago
LLDLLDRT @_tmmx: the song really tuff tho 😭😭😭9 months ago
LLDLLDRT @Laughing_creed: 😂😂😂9 months ago
LLDLLDCANT TAKE NEWYORK PEOPLE NOWHERE 😂🗽 https://t.co/yMgzGdJFyj9 months ago